Monday, December 12, 2011

How to speed up a computer with Windows XP system

          Our computer is slow on windows causes the slow, oh it feels like to slam the PC or laptop, but do not let, I was the goods have been purchased ... hehee
I would love a solution for accelerating the performance of windows, may have much to know .. but I will post for the uninitiated ....
First we subtract the start-up windows when he first lived, why not start up programs that we need to use for the start-up ..

1. Click the Start
2. Select run then type msconfig
3. Select the Startup tab
4. In this option disabled in who do not need to then restart windows

After that let us hasten windowsnya registry, hmm.. How easy. The trick ...: (Win XP SP 3)

1. Click the Start
2. Select Run and type Regedit
3. Once the registry editor menu press F3 exit
4. Then write AutoEndTasks
5. Enter on AutoEndTasks and change the value from 0 to 1
6. Then under his search HungAppTimeout change the value from 5000 to 0
7. Search again below MenuShowDelay change the value from 400 to 0
The final step look underneath WaitToKillAppTimeout change the value of 20 000 to 0

There is one more on the desktop search My Computer icon Right click and select Properties, then select the advanced tab there will be a choice performance click settings After that there will be a choice of visual Effects, immediately wrote click the "Let Windows choose What's best for my computer" then click Apply and Ok. Then with his own computer will change the look into appropriate performance fit for our PC or Notebook. For those who want to set yourself please select custom. Done.... good luck....!!! @ _ @

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