Saturday, December 10, 2011

Introduction to Deadlocks

Formal definition :
A set of processes is deadlocked if each process in the set is waiting for an event that only another process in the set can cause
•Usually the event is release of a currently held resource
•None of the processes can …
release resources

be awakened

Four Conditions for Deadlock

1.Mutual exclusion condition

each resource assigned to 1 process or is available

2.Hold and wait condition

process holding resources can request additional

3.No preemption condition

previously granted resources cannot forcibly taken away

4.Circular wait condition

must be a circular chain of 2 or more processes

each is waiting for resource held by next member of the chain

Deadlock Modeling

•Modeled with directed graphs

resource R assigned to process A

process B is requesting/waiting for resource S

process C and D are in deadlock over resources T and U

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